A Covenant of Thorns

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A Covenant of Thorns
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Scott-David Allen (December, 2016)
Background information
Years active1992–present
LabelsA Handful of Nothing
WebsiteOfficial site
MembersScott-David Allen

A Covenant of Thorns is a one-man synthpop/darkwave project from the United States. Formed in Seattle, in 1992, by Scott-David Allen, the project is currently based in the upper midwest, outside of Chicago.


After a string of smaller projects and bands, in 1992, Scott-David Allen began work on various songs with no real plan to release any of the material written.

Several years later, in 1998, at the urging of individuals who heard the songs, he released two six song EPs, A Covenant of Thorns 1 and A Covenant of Thorns 2. The two EPs were a mixture of digital and analogue 4-track recordings.

In 1999, after the initial success of the two EPs, the first full-length album, Hallowed & Hollow, was released. Consisting of eleven of the twelve songs from the first two EPs, the track Crown of Thorns was omitted due to a lack of space on the album.

Five years later, in 2004, the follow-up, full-length album, If The Heavens Should Fall was released. The release was a reflective, personal and much more subdued offering.

After a decade of silence, The Fields of Flesh, a six track EP, was released in December 2014. The release was noticeably more upbeat than If The Heavens Should Fall but still retained a slightly more modern, core A Covenant of Thorns sound.

In 2016, the six Track EP Forgotten was released. It was the first release to feature guitars and retained the upbeat feel of the previous EP.

2017's Requiem was a dark introspective six song E.P. dealing with the passing of Scott-David Allen's father.

2018 brought the release of the third, full-length album, Shadows & Serenades. It was noticeably more upbeat than the previous release while still exploring darker themes.


According to Allen, then name A Covenant of Thorns symbolizes the contrast between everyday events:



  • 1998: A Covenant of Thorns 1
  • 1998: A Covenant of Thorns 2
  • 2014: The Fields of Flesh
  • 2016: Forgotten
  • 2017: "Requiem"


  • 1999: Hallowed & Hollow
  • 2004: If The Heavens Should Fall
  • 2018: Shadows & Serenades


  • 1999: MP32K - The Future Is Now
  • 2000: Shadow Dancing
  • 2002: Trinity
  • 2005: Angelic Hauntings

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