A Pastoriza

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Coordinates: 43°18′1.49″N 7°21′4.42″W / 43.3004139°N 7.3512278°W / 43.3004139; -7.3512278

Casa do concello, A Pastoriza.jpg
Location of A Pastoriza in Galicia.
Coat of arms of A Pastoriza

A Pastoriza is a municipality in the Spanish province of Lugo. It has a population of 3,911 (Spanish 2003 Census) and an area of 175 km². It belongs to the Terra Chá region. In this county the most important river in Galicia begins and one of the most plentiful in Spain, the Minho River.


  • A Aguarda (San Martiño)
  • Álvare (Santa María)
  • Baltar (San Pedro Fiz)
  • Bretoña (Santa María)
  • Cadavedo (San Bartolomeu)


The artistic heritage of A Pastoriza is noted for its many stone crosses, chapels and churches that make up the rural municipality. The Temple of Breton is considered the cradle of the diocese of Mondoñedo-Ferrol because it was the ancient Britoniensis episcopal until the eighth century. Several authors defend the existence of a British Christian society in this area. It is believed that it was they who founded a Breton bishopric.