Abdelkrim Motii

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Abdelkrim Motii (Arabic: عبد الكريم المطيع‎; born 25 November 1935 in Ben Ahmed) is the co-founder with Kamal Ibrahim of Chabiba islamia ("Islamic Youth"), a violent, clandestine and extremist Moroccan association whose aim was the establishment of an Islamic state in Morocco. Chabiba islamia was first established in 1969.

After being accused of implication in the December 18, 1975, assassination of Omar Benjelloun a leftist leader and journalist, Motii fled to Saudi Arabia where he was involved in the assault on the Grand Mosque in Mecca during November 1979.[1] He subsequently fled again to Libya where he is believed to live now in exile. He has since adopted a much more moderate attitude and declared that he is ready to go back to Morocco if he is offered enough guarantees.


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