Abdikadir Yusuf Aar

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Abdikadir Yusuf Aar
Born Somalia
Died 16 March 2011
Mogadishu, Benadir, Somalia
Cause of death KIA
Occupation Senior militant in Al-Shabab
Movement Al-Shabab

Abdikadir Yusuf Aar (Somali: Cabdiqaadir Yuusuf Aar) aka Sheikh Qalbi, was an Islamic terrorist and senior Al-Shabaab officer from the Juba region.

He had been a member of Al-Itihaad Al-Islamiya (AIAI) in Luq from 1995 to 2002. In Al-Shabab he served as leader in both Juba and Gedo regions.[1]

During the "anti-insurgency offensive" launched by TFG and AMISOM to drive Al-Shabab out of Mogadishu he was killed in action (KIA) near to the former Defense Ministry in Mogadishu on March 16, 2011.[2]


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