Abdul Hosein Amini

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Sheikh Abdul Hossein Amini
Born Abdul Hosein Amini
Sarab, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Died 1970
Tehran, Iran
Resting place Najaf
Nationality Iranian
Religion Islam
Main interest(s) Hadith
Notable work(s) Al-Ghadir
Disciple of Sayyed Muhammad Molana, Sayyed Mortaza Khosro Shahi, Sayyed Muhammad Firouz Abadi, Sayyed Abu Torab Khansari, Sayyed Abu al-Hasan Isfahani, Muhammad Hosein NĀʾĪNĪ, Sheykh Muhammad Hossein Qaravi Esfahani,

Sheikh Abdul Hossein Amini (Persian: عبدالحسین امینی‎) was a Shia scholar, traditionist, theologian and jurist. His magnum opus is Al-Ḡadīr fi’l-Ketāb wa’l-Sonna wa’l-Adab .


He was born in the city of Sarab near the Ardabil, both his father Mirza Ahmad Amini and his grandfather Najaf Ali, were jurists of the city.[1]


His teachers included Abul Hasan Esfahani, Muhammad Hosein Na'ini and Muhammad Hossein Esfahani,[2]


Abdul Hussain established a library in Najaf and named it “Amir al-Mo’menin”, he wrote many books and treatises, most of which have been published. He wrote books about Shiʿite beliefs, Hadith and jurisprudence, some of his books are :

  • Al-Ḡadīr fi’l-Ketāb wa’l-Sonna wa’l-Adab. An encyclopedic work which examines the tradition of Ghadir-e-Khumm
  • Sīratonā wa sonnatonā sīrato nabīyenā wa sonnatoho(Arabic: ثمرات الأسفار‎)
  • Commentary on Fatiha surah
  • Martyrs of virtues (Arabic: شهداء الفضیلة‎)
  • Consequences of Trips (Arabic: ثمرات الأسفار‎)
  • Rayaz al Ons (Arabic: ریاض الانس‎)
  • Exalted intention
  • A treatise on intention
  • Annotation of “Kamel al-Ziyarat” (written by Ibn Quluyeh Qomi)
  • Annotation of the two works of Sheikh Murteza Ansari: Makasib (The earnings) and Rasayel (The treatises).


He fell ill in 1968 and travelled to Tehran for medical treatment where he died on 3 July 1970, his body was returned to Najaf for burial next to Amīr-al-moʾmenīn library that he had founded.


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