Abdul Hosein Amini

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Sheikh Abdul Hossein Amini
Allame Amini 05).jpg
Sheikh Abdul Hosein Amini
Born Abdul Hosein Amini
Sarab, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Died 1970
Tehran, Iran
Resting place Najaf
Nationality Iranian
Religion Islam
Main interest(s) Hadith
Notable work(s) Al-Ghadir
Disciple of Sayyed Muhammad Molana, Sayyed Mortaza Khosro Shahi, Sayyed Muhammad Firouz Abadi, Sayyed Abu Torab Khansari, Sayyed Abu al-Hasan Isfahani, Muhammad Hosein NĀʾĪNĪ, Sheykh Muhammad Hossein Qaravi Esfahani,
Abdul Hosein Amini Reading Books in Amir al-Momenin Library in Najaf, Iraq.

Sheikh Abdul Hossein Amini (Persian: عبدالحسین امینی‎) was a Shia scholar, traditionist, theologian and jurist. His magnum opus is Al-Ḡadīr fi’l-Ketāb wa’l-Sonna wa’l-Adab .


He was born in the city of Sarab near the Ardabil, both his father Mirza Ahmad Amini and his grandfather Najaf Ali, were jurists of the city.[1]


His teachers included Abul Hasan Esfahani, Muhammad Hosein Na'ini and Muhammad Hossein Esfahani,[2]


Abdul Hussain established a library in Najaf and named it “Amir al-Mo’menin”. He wrote many books and treatises, most of which have been published. He wrote books about Shiʿite beliefs, Hadith and jurisprudence. Some of his books are :

  • Al-Ḡadīr fi’l-Ketāb wa’l-Sonna wa’l-Adab. An encyclopedic work which examines the tradition of Ghadir-e-Khumm
  • Sīratonā wa sonnatonā sīrato nabīyenā wa sonnatoho(Arabic: ثمرات الأسفار‎)
  • Commentary on Fatiha surah
  • Martyrs of virtues (Arabic: شهداء الفضیلة‎)
  • Consequences of Trips (Arabic: ثمرات الأسفار‎)
  • Rayaz al Ons (Arabic: ریاض الانس‎)
  • Exalted intention
  • A treatise on intention
  • Annotation of “Kamel al-Ziyarat” (written by Ibn Quluyeh Qomi)
  • Annotation of the two works of Sheikh Murteza Ansari: Makasib (The earnings) and Rasayel (The treatises).


He fell ill in 1968 and travelled to Tehran for medical treatment where he died on 3 July 1970. His body was returned to Najaf for burial next to Amīr-al-moʾmenīn library that he had founded.


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