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‘Abd ar-Rahman ibn Khalid (616–667) (Arabic: عبدالرحمن بن خالد‎) was the son of Khalid ibn Walid.

Ali's era (656–661)[edit]

'Abd ar-Rahman ibn Khalid fought against Ali as a general under Muawiya at the Battle of Siffin, while his brother Muhajir ibn Khalid fought against Muawiya from Ali's side in the same battle and was killed. Abd ar-Rahman ibn Khalid was also the part of Umayyad army that besieged Constantinople in 664.

His Death[edit]

It is said that Abdulrehamn was the only son of Khalid ibn Walid who had military prowess somewhat like his late father, he was respected and was famous because of his military services and his late father Khalid ibn Walid the conqueror of Roman Syria and Iraq.

It is written in al Istiab:

According to this source, Muawiya poisoned ‘Abd ar-Rahman ibn Khalid to secure the transition of power to his son. However, some scholars deny the authenticity of this story. Shaikh Amr Salim, says that this story has no authentic Isnad.[2] His son Khalid ibn Abdulrehman is said to have avenged his father's murder, he too died and the male line of descendants of Khalid ibn Walid ended on him.

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