Aberdare Urban District Council election, 1894

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The first election to the Aberdare Urban District Council was held in December 1894.[1] It was followed by the 1896 election.

Members of the first Aberdare Urban District Council, 1894

There were five wards, namely Aberaman (also known as No. 5 Ward), Blaengwawr (also known as No. 4 Ward), Gadlys (also known as No. 2 Ward), Llwydcoed (also known as No. 1 Ward), and the Town Ward (also known as No. 3 Ward). Three members were elected from each ward making a total of fifteen members on the authority. In subsequent elections a third of the council would be elected each year. Therefore, the members returned at the head of the poll would serve until 1898, those in second place until 1897 and those in third place until 1896. Rhys Hopkin Rhys, chair of the previous Local Board of Health became the first chairman of the Urban District Council.

Aberaman Ward[edit]

Aberaman Ward
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Edmund Mills Hann 697
Rev Thomas Humphreys 645
Thomas Rees 428
Lib-Lab Phillip Daniel Rees 368

Blaengwawr Ward[edit]

Blaengwawr Ward 1894
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Morgan John 767
David Price Davies 600
John Howell 549
John Simon 422

Gadlys Ward[edit]

Gadlys Ward
Party Candidate Votes % ±
William Thomas 721
Rev Benjamin Evans 503
Griffith George 458
John David Rees 419
David Davies 334
Daniel Tudor Williams 311
William Walker 302
Evan Hopkins 198
John Thomas 134

Llwydcoed Ward[edit]

Llwydcoed Ward
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Rees Hopkin Rhys 684
Rees Llewellyn 640
Owen Harris 623
John William Evans 525
Labour David Morgan 198

Town Ward[edit]

Town Ward
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Edward Morgan 837
David Williams 639
Thomas Thomas 618
David Davies 493
Joseph Price 474


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