Abrasive (album)

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Studio album by Puddle of Mudd
Released September 3, 1997
Recorded 1996
Length 41:29
Label Hardknocks Records
Puddle of Mudd chronology
Come Clean
(2001)Come Clean2001

Abrasive is the debut studio album by Puddle of Mudd, released in 1997 on Hardknocks Records. The album is extremely rare as it was an independent release with limited distribution, the band had said that if they ever get the chance, they would like to re-release this album.

The tracks "Nobody Told Me", "Said", "Piss It All Away", and "Abrasive" were all rerecorded for Puddle Of Mudd's following album, Come Clean, but only the first three made it on most copies of the album, some limited editions of Come Clean had "Abrasive" as a bonus track. The rerecorded version of "Abrasive" only appeared on a promo, but the Abrasive album version was included on the "Control" single and the special editions of Come Clean, the Abrasive version of "All I Ask For" also appeared as a B Side to "Blurry"

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Abrasive" 3:13
2. "Nobody Told Me" 3:50
3. "Stressed Out" 3:48
4. "Hour Glass Man" 4:29
5. "Migraine" 3:24
6. "Said" 3:10
7. "All I Ask For" 4:42
8. "Purple Heart" 3:24
9. "Locket" 3:37
10. "Time" 2:51
11. "Piss It All Away" 4:59
  • Piss It All Away is misprinted as being 3:11 on the back cover.
  • Said is also misprinted as 5:01.



  • Wes Scantlin – lead vocals, lead guitar
  • Sean Sammon – bass
  • Kenny Burkitt – drums