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City Bus

Public bus Services were introduced in Abu Dhabi by the Emirate in 2008 with four routes which charged zero fare until the end of the year.[1] Since 2010, There are also numerous Regional routes operating from the Abu Dhabi CBD till areas extending outside the city, e.g. Yas Island (Route 290)

The Transportation Services in Abu Dhabi are operated by MAN Lion's City and MAN Lion's Regio Buses. The Lion's Regio services are specifically used for Regional Routes and are Charged at AED 2.


Abu Dhabi buses currently service the

Abu Dhabi City Bus Services (Updated March 30, 2014)

  • 005 Al Marina <via Hamdan Street> Al Marryah Sowwah Square
  • 007 Al Marina <via Electra Road> Al Reem Sun Gate
  • 008 Al Bateen UAE Central Bank <via Electra Road> Al Mina Fish Market
  • 009 Al Marina <via Passport Road> Al Mina New Souq
  • 010 Ras Al Akhdar <via Passport Road & Najda Street & Hamdan Street> Al Mina Center
  • 011 Al Marina <via Passport Road> Al Mina Fishermen Association
  • 032 Al Marina <via Electra Road> Al Maqta'a West
  • 034 Ras Al Akhdar <via Corniche Road & Electra Street > Zayed Sports City Abu Dhabi Courts
  • 040 Al Marryah Sowwah Square <via Electra Road> khalifa Park South
  • 044 Al Mina Fishermen Association <via Electra Road> Officers Club
  • 052 Al Marryah Sowwah Square <via Electra Road & Muroor road> Zayed Sport City\Abu Dhabi Courts
  • 054 Al Mina Fish Market <via Hamdan Street & Airport Road> Umm Al Naar Petroleum Institute
  • 056 Al Mina Souq <via Electra Road & Muroor Road> Khalifa Park
  • 063 Al Marina <via Corniche Road & Najda Street> Al Reem Sun Gate
  • 411 Baniyas West Bus Station <Via shabia M11, M10, M9 and NPCC> Mussafah Industrial Port

The detailed maps for these routes can be viewed/downloaded from DOT site.


There exist cheap, private, although illegal alternatives in the form of private taxis and minibuses.[2]

The only other buses are those running between Emirates. These buses are owned by the governments of the individual Emirates.

Fares and payment[edit]

A Hafilat Card

Buses charge a flat fare of AED 2 within Abu Dhabi City limits while trips to suburbs cost an additional 5 fils per kilometre (Example: Mussafah to Abu Dhabi city cost AED 4). Ojra passes are available for daily and monthly users. Special tariffs are levied on senior citizens and students. New bus cards are scheduled to be launched on May 15th 2015 (hafilat cards) [3][4]

Bus Stops[edit]

Boarding and alighting is only permitted at designated bus stops, which are located throughout the island. The bus stops are located relatively close to each other.

Local Culture[edit]

Interior view

As with most buses in the UAE, the front rows of seats (2 rows of 4 facing sideways) are priority seating for ladies. Males occupying those seats are required to give up their seats in the event of a lady standing.


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