Academy Award for Best Dance Direction

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The Academy Awards for Best Dance Direction was presented from 1935 to 1937, after which it was discontinued.

Winners and nominees[edit]

Year Film(s) Dance Number(s) Nominees
Broadway Melody of 1936
Folies Bergère de Paris
"I've Got a Feeling You're Fooling"
"Straw Hat"
Dave Gould
All the King's Horses
The Big Broadcast of 1936
"Viennese Waltz"
"It's the Animal in Me"
LeRoy Prinz
Broadway Hostess
Go into Your Dance
"Playboy from Paree"
"Latin from Manhattan"
Bobby Connolly
Gold Diggers of 1935 "Lullaby of Broadway"
"The Words Are in My Heart"
Busby Berkeley
King of Burlesque "Lovely Lady"
"Too Good to Be True"
Sammy Lee
She "Hall of Kings" Benjamin Zemach
Top Hat "Piccolino"
"Top Hat"
Hermes Pan
The Great Ziegfeld "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody" Seymour Felix
Born to Dance "Swingin' the Jinx Away" Dave Gould
Cain and Mabel "1000 Love Songs" Bobby Connolly
Dancing Pirate "The Finale" Russell Lewis
Gold Diggers of 1937 "Love and War" Busby Berkeley
One in a Million "Skating Ensemble" Jack Haskell
Swing Time "Bojangles of Harlem" Hermes Pan
A Damsel in Distress "Fun House" Hermes Pan
Ali Baba Goes to Town "Swing Is Here to Stay" Sammy Lee
A Day at the Races "All God's Chillun Got Rhythm" Dave Gould
Ready, Willing and Able "Too Marvelous for Words" Bobby Connolly
Thin Ice "Prince Igor Suite" Harry Losee
Varsity Show "The Finale" Busby Berkeley
Waikiki Wedding "Luau" LeRoy Prinz