Across the Line (2000 film)

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Across the Line
Across the Line.jpg
Directed by Martin Spottl
Produced by Brian Duncan
Martin Spottl
Sigal Erez
Written by Martin Spottl
Sigal Erez
Starring Brad Johnson
Sigal Erez
Brian Bloom
with Adrienne Barbeau
and J. C. Quinn
Music by Charlie Daniels
Cinematography Maximo Munzi
Edited by Ivan Ladizinsky
High Water Films
Distributed by USA/Canada
Release date
February 1, 2000
(United States)
Running time
100 min.
Language English

Across the Line is a 2000 American drama film directed by Martin Spottl and starring Brad Johnson and Sigal Erez. Johnson plays a small-town Texas sheriff who falls for an illegal immigrant (Erez) who witnessed a murder on the Mexican border. While not an overtly political film, Across the Line portrays illegal immigrants in a generally positive light and dramatizes their motivations and problems from a sympathetic point of view. In La Opinion Jean Rodriguez Flores wrote, "The film Across the Line isn't just about the difficulties of crossing illegally into the United States, but it also reflects the tragedy of hundreds of people who are forced to leave their families for the "promised land."[1] Some critics praised the film for its emotional intensity, authenticity, and integrity,[2] but others questioned it for turning the plight of illegal immigrants into mainstream entertainment.[3] Independently financed and produced, Across the Line was distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment.



Charlie Daniels composed and performed the score, including the title track, Across the Line, which he released on his 2000 album Road Dogs.


Martin Sheen was originally cast to play the role of Harmon, the compassionate diner owner.[4]


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