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Numerous vessels have borne the name Active:

  • Active (1764 ship) was almost rebuilt in 1785. The next year her trade was given as London-Jamaica. She transported convicts to Australia in 1791. She returned home via Bombay, carrying a cargo for the British East India Company (EIC). A French privateer captured her in May 1793 as she was returning to Britain.
  • Active (1800 ship) was a French ship launched in 1793. She came into British hands circa 1799 as a prize. Peter Everitt Mestaer purchased her and named her Active. She made one voyage to India for the British East India Company, which held a monopoly at the time on trade between Great Britain and India or China. From 1802 she was a London-based merchantman, trading first with Hamburg and then more generally. She was last listed in 1815.
  • Active (1801 whaler) was a French ship that came into British hands in 1800 as a prize. William Bennet purchased her and named her Active. He employed her as a whaler and she was lost in January 1803 at the start of her second whaling voyage.
  • Active (1804 ship) was the French ship Alsace that the Royal Navy captured in 1803. William Bennett purchased her and named her Active, in place of a previous Active that had been lost in January 1803. She then made one whaling voyage for him. Bennett sold her to Robins & Co., and she sailed between London and Buenos Aires. She then sailed on a second sealing voyage. She was lost in 1810 at Tasmania.
  • Active (1850) was a ketch that that wrecked at the entrance of the Hunter River in New South Wales on 18 February 1852.
  • Active (1877) was ketch that was wrecked on 19 January 1898 on the Oyster Bank at the entrance of Newcastle Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. The wreck has not been located.
  • Active (sternwheeler), a steamboat that operated on the Willamette River, in Oregon, US, from 1865 to 1872
  • Active (1852 ship) – a steam-powered whaling ship in the Dundee Whaling Expedition (1892–1893)

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