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Adam Agius
Alchemist live.jpg
Adam Agius performing live at Metal for the Brain, 2006
Background information
Origin Canberra, Australia
Genres Progressive metal
Death metal
Heavy metal
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1987–present
Labels Relapse
Associated acts Alchemist, The Levitation Hex

Adam Agius (born 21 September 1971) is the vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist and a founding member of the progressive metal band Alchemist. He formed Alchemist in 1987 while still in high school and is the group's only remaining original member, he also was the financial provider, director of show day and promoter for Metal for the Brain. His main band Alchemist went on an indefinite hiatus and as a result has started up a new successor project The Levitation Hex, the Levitation Hex also includes Mark Palfreyman and Scott Young of Alarum and Ben Hocking of Aeon of Horus. A tentative album is due for May 2012 with a tour later on to promote the album.

Vocal style and musical influences[edit]

Vocal style[edit]

Agius' vocal style is one of the most prominent aspects of Alchemist's music, his voice ranges from a standard death growl-like approach to extraordinary high-pitched screams and shrieks he refers to as "banshee screams",[1] best exemplified by the tracks "Chinese Whispers" and "Garden of Eroticism". Later recordings have seen him employ a deep tribal-like chant[2] and half-spoken singing along with a more clean vocal style.[1][3] As a vocalist he is completely self-taught but as a guitarist and keyboardist, he had some basic training as a teen;[4] in the liner notes to the Embryonics album, he claims he lost his voice during the recording of the first Alchemist album Jar of Kingdom.

Musical influences[edit]

Agius' musical influences are a diverse mix of grindcore, thrash metal, punk rock and progressive rock, among which he lists artists including; Pink Floyd, Slayer, Napalm Death, King Crimson, Exodus, New York Dolls and Celtic Frost.[4] Outside of Alchemist, he has a solo project called GrindPony. [1] He has also made a successor band to Alchemist called The Levitation Hex.

Agius' favorite musicians are Tom Araya (vocalist), David Gilmour/Scott Hull (guitarists), Steve Digiorgio (bassist), Paul Bostaph (drummer), and all musicians in the deathgrind band Pig Destroyer.[5]



With Alchemist[edit]

The Levitation Hex[edit]

  • The Levitation Hex (2012)
  • Cohesion (2016)


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