Adolphus (1852)

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Name: Adolphus
Owner: Mr Metcalf
Port of registry: Sydney
Ship registration number: 135/1854
Ship official number: 32306
Builder: Unknown Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
Completed: 1852
Fate: Wrecked 29 November 1866
General characteristics
Type: Wood Brigantine
Tonnage: 121 GT
Displacement: 121 NT
Length: 22.98  m
Beam: 5.669  m
Draught: 3.048  m
Installed power: NA
Ship primary use: Transport
Ship industry:
Ship passenger capacity: Unknown

The Adolphus was a wooden brigantine that was wrecked on the rocks west of Pier Head at Wollongong harbour in New South Wales on 29 November 1866. The ship was carrying coal from Wollongong to Sydney under the command of Captain William Kean. There were no casualties, but the vessel was lost. The wreck has not been located, but the approximate coordinates are 34°25′08″S 150°54′26″E / 34.4189°S 150.9071°E / -34.4189; 150.9071Coordinates: 34°25′08″S 150°54′26″E / 34.4189°S 150.9071°E / -34.4189; 150.9071.

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