Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc.

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Aegean Marine Petroleum
Traded as NYSEANW
Industry Petroleum industry
Founded 1995
Founder Dimitris Melissanidis
Headquarters Piraeus, Greece
Area served
SE Europe, Northern America
Key people
Products Petroleum Refining & trading
Services Fuel stations, Oil tankers
Revenue Decrease US$4.232 billion[1]:F-6 (2015)
Increase US$76.574 million[1]:F-6 (2015)
Increase US$35.880 million[1]:F-6 (2015)
Total assets Decrease US$1.457 billion[1]:F-4 (2015)
Total equity Increase US$621.526 million[1]:F-5 (2015)
Number of employees
Increase 977[1]:83 (2015)
Footnotes / references
in a consolidated basis[1]

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. known as just Aegean Marine Petroleum or AMPNI is a Greek company focusing on petroleum refining and trading. Aegean Marine Petroleum is one of the largest independent fuel suppliers in the world,[2] the headquarters are in Piraeus, Greece. Shares of AMPNI traded in New York Stock Exchange.

Marine fuels[edit]

Aegean Marine Petroleum is a marine fuel logistics company that physically supplies and markets refined marine fuel and lubricants to ships in port and at sea, as a physical supplier, Aegean Marine Petroleum purchase marine fuel from refineries, major oil producers and other sources and resell and deliver these fuels using bunkering tankers to a broad base of end users.

Aegean is a large oil and shipping company in Greece and has a global presence in 33 markets, including America, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, The Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland, South Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Singapore, Morocco, Gibraltar, Fujairah, Cape Verde, Panama, The United Arab Emirates, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and The Canary Islands.[3][page needed]


As of 31 December 2015[1]:84
list of shareholders with significant interests
  • Dimitris Melissanidis (22%)
  • Peter C. Georgiopoulos (10.8%)
  • Senvest Management, LLC / Richard Mashaal (9.6%)
  • 12 West Capital Management LP (8.9%)

On 17 August 2016 AMPNI announced that the company would buy back all the shares held by Dimitris Melissanidis for $8.81 per share, founder and largest shareholder of the company for 22% stake.[4]

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