Aegidientorplatz (Hanover Stadtbahn station)

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Hanover Stadtbahn station
Aegidientor U Bahntstation.jpg
TW 6000 towards Stöcken on line 5 calling at Aegidientorplatz
Operated byÜstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG
Line(s)B (1-2-8-18)
C (4-5-6-11-16)
Platforms2 side platforms (in levels - -2 direction city center, -3 towards suburbs)
Tracks4 (2 on each level)
Structure typeUnderground station
Platform levels2 platform level, 1 distributor level
Bicycle facilitiesNo

Aegidientorplatz is a station on Hannover Stadtbahn lines B and C. The station is located beneath Aegidientorplatz, one the squares in Hanover Mitte.

Aegidientorplatz is Hanover Stadtbahn only station where one can change from B lines to C lines on the same platform.

Terminus Previous station Aegidientorplatz Next station Terminus
Langenhagen Kröpcke 1 Schlägerstraße Sarstedt
Alte Heide Kröpcke 2 Schlägerstraße Rethen
Döhren Bf.
Garbsen Kröpcke 4 Marienstraße Roderbruch
Stöcken Kröpcke 5 Marienstraße Anderten
Nordhafen Kröpcke 6 Marienstraße Messe/Ost
Hannover Hauptbahnhof Kröpcke 8 Schlägerstraße Messe/Nord
Haltenhoffstraße Kröpcke 11 Marienstraße Zoo
Königsworther Platz Kröpcke 16 (during fairgrounds) Marienstraße Messe/Ost
Hannover Hauptbahnhof Kröpcke 18 (during fairgrounds) Schlägerstraße Messe/Nord

Coordinates: 52°22′05″N 9°44′36″E / 52.3681°N 9.7433°E / 52.3681; 9.7433