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Genus Cannabis
Hybrid parentage C. indica × C. sativa
Origin Afghani #1 x Original Skunk

Afghanica, not to be confused with Afghan Kush, is a hybrid strain of cannabis. Its origination plants were Afghani #1 and so-called "Original" Skunk. Within the genus Cannabis, it lies in both the sections sativa and indica. C. sativa subsp. indica 'Skunk 1' × C. sativa 'Afghani 1' is the result of hybridization of 3 Cannabis plants. It is 65% C. indica and 35% C. sativa. Growing up to 1.83 m (6 ft.) tall, it is short and stocky with broad leaves a lush canopy, and dense buds as well. The plant is green, and at maturity display fine white hairs all over. The plant matures over the summer and is ready for harvest in mid-autumn. Induces strong, lethargic body buzz with good pain control.[1]


C. afghanica grows prostrate to the ground and gets up to 1.83 (6 ft.) tall. The leaves are broad, short, and have well-defined veins in them; the leaflets and leaves are both dark green. The plants, in maturity have white follicles of hair around them, giving the plant a very striking appearance. The branches are very dense with short internodes and long petioles.[2]

Flowering and Harvest[edit]

The flowering time of Afghanica is 56–63 days and the harvest time is in October. During the normal season, Afghanica grows into a 6-foot tall tree, reminiscent of a Christmas tree. In cooler growing conditions, it may develop red and purple coloration on the leaves. Organic soil produces a sweeter end result, and the plant has a moderately low nutrient requirement.[3] Afghanica is considered "normal" due to its production of both male and female plants.[4]

Aroma, texture, and flavor[edit]

Afghanica plants, when mature will produce a petrol-like odor when their leaves are disturbed to any degree. Buds are dense and oily to the touch. Smaller, coated leaves produce heavy, oily resin. The plants are said to have a bitter, sharp, turbulent smell with a hint of sweetness.[5] Afghanica has a sweet taste.[6]

Medicinal value[edit]

Afghanica plants are used to treat pain and insomnia. This is due to the plants influence by the Afghani #1 parent; however, it is also a relief for nausea and stress. Afghanica may also cause dizzy, dry mouth, and dry eyes. The plant causes patients to feel uplifted and relaxed; though creativity, euphoria, and sleepiness may be enhanced as well.[7]


Even though the exact date of the first production of this plant is unknown, the Flying Dutchmen (breeders) were the first to produce the C. afghanica strain. Skunk #1 and Afghani #1 were cross-bred, with the end result being C. afghanica.[8] Taxonomically speaking this can be listed as Cannabis sativa ssp. indica 'Skunk #1 × Cannabis sativa 'Afghani #1'.


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