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In the Grimoirium Verum, Agaliarept is purported to be one of two demons directly under Lucifer; Satanachia being the other. The Grimoirium Verum also states that Agalierept and Tarihimal are the rulers of Elelogap, who in turn governs matters connected with water; the Grand Grimoire holds that Agaliarept is a general with the power to uncover secrets and reveal mysteries, and commands the second legion (including Guer, Gusoyn, and Boris).

Modern fiction and games[edit]

Agaliarept is also the name given to the Demon King in two computer games published by Level 9 Computing in the 1980s as part of their Middle Earth trilogy: Adventure Quest and Dungeon Adventure.[citation needed]

In the MMORPG Ultima Online, Agaliarept is one of the names randomly assigned to demons in various dungeons, he is also featured in Wayne Barlowe's novel God's Demon.

The Action-Online-RPG The Ruins of the Lost Kingdom Online also has a Boss named Agaliarept (Japanese Katakana:"アガリアレプト") with 2 additional variations with added prefix "Demon-Lord [魔王]" and "Old Devil [老魔]".

Algaliarept (note spelling variation) is the name given to a demon in Kim Harrison's urban fantasy series about Rachel Morgan set in The Hollows.

In the anime Macademi Wasshoi!, Agaliarept is a highest-rank demon and ironically trying to save the world. He is also a friend of Gabriel, the archangel, she even calls him Aga-rin as a nickname.

In the game Lucius II, Agaliarept is one of the titles based on your scores that you can get at the end of every level.

Other names/variants[edit]

  • Agalierap
  • Agalierept


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