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Fans of the Aggie Pack participating in a cheer.
Gunrock on top of the UC Davis Aggie Pack Fire Truck.

Students of the University of California at Davis who attend sporting events can join the Aggie Pack, the largest student-run university spirit organization in the United States. The Aggie Pack was started in 1992 as an attempt to increase attendance at games and events, and was successful. Membership is free and automatic for students, offers chances to win merchandise and food, and provides a very raucous encouragement to the athletes. Students band together as one large group, invent cheers, and support the UC Davis Aggies with their enthusiasm. In past recent years, the more energetic members of the Pack, known as Aggie Pack Extremists, tended to dress up in elaborate yale blue and gold costumes and dairy cow makeup. One Aggie Pack cheer is "Go Ags!".

Aggie Fight Song! Lift up your voices, now's the time to sing. This is the day the Victory Bell will ring. Loyal Aggies, all for one. Never stopping 'til we've won, Because the Mustang will show our team the way to fight, Charging the enemy with all his might. Let's go. Let's win. Today's the day The Aggies will fight! Fight! Fight!

The aggie pack, as well as the crowd, join in on the fight song during sporting events!


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