Ahmad Shah Abdali 4-day Tournament

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Ahmad Shah Abdali 4-day Tournament
Countries  Afghanistan
Administrator Cricket Afghanistan
Format First-class cricket (from 2017 onwards)
First tournament 2017–18
Tournament format Double round-robin
Number of teams 6
Website http://www.cricket.af/

Ahmad Shah Abdali 4-day Tournament is a four-day cricket tournament in Afghanistan played between six regional teams, each representing a number of Afghan provinces.

Up to and including the 2016–17 Tournament, the matches were not given first-class status. However, at an International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting in February 2017, first-class status was awarded to all future matches, starting with the 2017–18 tournament.[1][2][3] It is named after founder of Durrani Empire Ahmad Shah Durrani.


Afghanistan's multi-day tournament initially began as a three-day competition before moving to a four-day structure in 2014, now known as the Ahmad Shah Abdali tournament, with five regional teams competing - Amo, Band-e-Amir, Boost, Mis Ainak and Speen Ghar. A sixth team, Kabul Green, joined the competition in 2016. The teams play each other twice before the two sides at the top of the table play for the end of season championship. The competition runs from September through December.[4][5] In February 2017 the International Cricket Council (ICC) awarded first-class status to Afghanistan's four-day domestic competition.[6]


Name Home ground Reference
Amo Region Kunduz Cricket Stadium/Mazar-i-Sharif Cricket Stadium
Band-e-Amir Region Kabul National Cricket Stadium, Kabul
Boost Region Kandahar International Cricket Stadium, Kandahar
Kabul Green Kabul National Cricket Stadium, Kabul
Mis Ainak Region Khost City Stadium, Khost
Speen Ghar Region Ghazi Amanullah International Cricket Stadium, Ghazi Amanullah Town, Jalalabad


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  • [1]-official website

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