Ain Ksour

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Bridge over Nahr (river) Damour known in English as the judges bridge. Was built by Emir Zayn ad-Dine at-Tannoukhi who was judge (jisr) at Ain Ksour

Ain Ksour (Arabic: عين كسور‎), is a village in Aley District, Lebanon.

Municipal elections are held every four years.

There are two churches in Ain Ksour. One is Saint Peter and Paul's church, which was built around 800 AD, destroyed during the Lebanese civil war, and rebuilt. The other is Saint Elias's church, which is newer, was destroyed during the Lebanese civil war, and is currently being rebuilt.

The church plaza has an altitude of 717 m, and is located at 33°44'56.50" N, 35°32'05.00" E.

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Coordinates: 33°45′N 35°32′E / 33.750°N 35.533°E / 33.750; 35.533