Air Force Afterburner

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Air Force Afterburner
Air Force Afterburner at Alamodome in San Antonio (090110-F-1342E-105).jpg
Owner and driver information
Owner Feld Entertainment
  • Paul Cohen (2006)
  • Damon Bradshaw (2007-2011)
Truck information
Year created 2006
Body style Cadillac Escalade
Engine Merlin 540

The Air Force Afterburner was a monster truck sponsored by the United States Air Force that raced on the United States Hot Rod Association circuit. It was driven by Damon Bradshaw.


The Afterburner debuted in 2006 and was equipped with 66 inches (1.7 m) tires and a 1,465 horsepower (1,092 kW) Merlin 540 engine.[1] Paul Cohen was driver during the 2006 season, and became crew chief in subsequent seasons. Damon Bradshaw took over driving duties in 2007.[1] Afterburner won the Monster Jam World Finals X freestyle championship on March 28, 2009.[2] The Air Force dropped its sponsorship in 2011, with Bradshaw moving to the Monster Energy team.


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