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Ait Melloul Prison is a prison located in Ait Melloul, It is known for being home to opponents to the Moroccan regime, especially the Sahrawi and the Riffian people. Famous political detainees are:

  • Ali Salem Tamek, a Sahrawi activist for the independence of his country (Western Sahara).
  • Aichatou Ramdan Chafii, Ali Salem Tamek's wife who stated later: ..They threatened of killing my little daughter. But what is bitter is that they took off all my clothes, raped me all of them and disgracefully urinated on me..[1]
  • Abdelkarim Azzou claimed to be tortured in this same prison, and detained without a trial for more than 2 years. He was 22 years old when he was arrested in 2002.[2]
  • Ali Lmrabet, a Rifian journalist who was detained in Ait Melloul, he was later transferred. Ali was sentenced to four years of prison for insult to the King, threatening the territorial integrity and threatening the monarchic regime, after he published a cartoon of the king.

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