Aka Gündüz

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Aka Gündüz
Enis Avni Bey Akagündüz.jpg
Background information
Salonica, Ottoman Empire
DiedNovember 7, 1958(1958-11-07) (aged 72)
GenresOttoman classical music Turkish makam music

Aka Gündüz (1886 – 7 November 1958) was a Turkish poet, composer and politician. He is most notable for having composed the Ankara Marşı (Ankara March).[1]


Gündüz graduated from the high school division of Galatasaray. He was exiled to his native Thessaloniki because of his involvement in political affairs during the reign of Abdul Hamid II. After the Occupation of Constantinople, Gündüz was briefly exiled to the island of Malta. With the establishment of the Turkish Republic, he embraced the Kemalist school of thought, and from 1932-46 he was a Member of Parliament representing Ankara.