Al-Jalama, Haifa

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Al-Jalama is located in Mandatory Palestine
Arabic الجلمة
Name meaning The hill[1]
Subdistrict Haifa
Coordinates 32°43′24″N 35°05′19″E / 32.72333°N 35.08861°E / 32.72333; 35.08861Coordinates: 32°43′24″N 35°05′19″E / 32.72333°N 35.08861°E / 32.72333; 35.08861
Palestine grid 158/236
Area 7713[2] dunams

Al-Jalama (Arabic: الجلمة‎) was a Palestinian village about 14 kilometres south-east of Haifa. It was depopulated in 1948.


The village was situated just above Khirbat Asafna. Excavations between 1964 and 1971 showed that the site had been occupied intermittently from the first to the fourth century A.D.[3]

In the British Mandate period in Palestine, the village was classified as a hamlet in the Palestine Index Gazetteer.[2] In the 1931 census of Palestine, Al-Jalama was counted under Isfiya.[4]

The Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi described the village in 1992: "A military camp occupies the area, which is covered by eucalyptus trees."[2]

In 1948 al-Jalama was depopulated and the area was subsequently incorporated into the State of Israel after the war. The Kishon prison, also known as the Al Jalame detention centre, was later established on the village site.[5]

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