Al-Mamun of Toledo

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Yahya ibn Ismail al-Mamun
Emir of Toledo
Taifa de Toledo y Valencia fracción de dinar 21907.jpg
Dinar of Al-Mamun
Reign 1043 – 1075
Died 1075
House Dhunnunid dynasty

Yahya ibn Ismail al-Mamun (died 1075) was a member of Berber Hawwara Dhunnunid dynasty who was king of the Taifa of Toledo between 1043 and 1075.


Yahya ibn Ismail succeeded his father Ismaïl ibn Dhi 'l-Nun in 1043. In 1062 he promised his allegiance to king Ferdinand I of León and Castile a fact that did not prevent him from giving military support to his son-in-law Abd al-Aziz ibn Amir, king of the Taifa of Valencia, when the Castilian king laid siege to the city. When Ferdinand I saw himself forced to end the siege and remove his army, Al-Mamun agreed to a union with the Taifa of Valencia which was to form a part of the Toledo taifa until 1092. He died at Córdoba in 1075.