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Al-Salheya on the district map of Damaskus
Al-Salihiyah quarter

Al-Salihiyah (Arabic: الصالحية‎) is a municipality and a neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. It lies to the northwest of the old walled city of Damascus and about 2.4 kilometres (1.5 mi) southeast the Citadel at the foot of Mount Qasioun.[1] The quarter is famous for its cemetery of holy men. It houses the Syrian Parliament building. It also has the Hanabila Mosque.


  • Abu Jarash (pop. 12,798)
  • Al-Madaris (pop. 12,731)
  • Al-Mazra'a (pop. 6,818)
  • Qasyoun (pop. 22,017)
  • Shaykh Muhyi ad-Din (pop. 11,502)
  • Ash-Shuhada (pop. 6,437)


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Coordinates: 33°31′10″N 36°17′32″E / 33.51944°N 36.29222°E / 33.51944; 36.29222