Al-Zein Clan

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Al Zein Clan
Founding locationGermany
Years active2000s-present
TerritoryEurope, Middle East
Criminal activitiesDrug trafficking, armed robbery, Arms trafficking, Assault, extortion, fraud, money laundering, kidnapping, murder
AlliesLa Familia, Miri-Clan, El Maach Family, Omeirat Family, Harb-Clan Bandidos MC, Hells Angels, Mongols MC, Outlaws MC, Satudarah MC, kurdish mafia, Italian Mafia, Albanian Mafia, Mexican cartel

The Al Zein/El Zein clan(also known as Al Zein/El Zein Family) is a powerful family-clan of Lebanese descent based in Europe. They are one of the most powerful family clans in Germany, where they have a few thousand members and are known for their involvement in criminal activities. While the most of the family are based in Germany they have thousands of members from Europe to the Middle East, for example in Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey.[1][2][3]

They have branches throughout Europe and the Middle East.[4]


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