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Al Beeno
Also known asPrince Yellowman
BornKingston, Jamaica
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada

Corrie "Al Beeno" Moody also known as "Prince Yellowman" (and not to be confused with (Winston "King Yellowman" Foster) is a reggae dancehall deejay musician who was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He later moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada,[1] his catchy lyrical styles (mixed with hip hop urban beats, also known as ragga) with fast beats earned him the nickname 'Prince Yellowman'. He is albinistic, hence the nickname "Al Beeno." By some he is considered as the next generation following popular Dancehall artist King Yellowman who became popular during the early 1980s throughout the 1990s. As a parallel to King Yellowman, Al Beeno managed to use his rare skin condition in order to gain fame.[2]

In 1995 Al Beeno had successfully opened and performed one of reggae's largest concerts held in Toronto, other guests' performers included Buju Banton, Bounty Killer and Cocoa Tea. Al Beeno's first music video What's My Name came from his debut release "The Colour of My Life" and aired in 2004.

The Al Beeno nickname comes from the congenital absence of pigmentation in his skin, hair and eyes (i.e. albino).[3]

Recent projects[edit]

  • Fifi Music Group (similar tracks as 'What's My Name')
  • Infatuated with Kris Kelly, Wake up Call and Get Love are some of his minor tracks.


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