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Al Maryah Island (formerly known as Sowwah Island[1]) is located northeast of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is named for the Arabian oryx ("al maryah" in Arabic), a large number of which once inhabited the surrounding area.[1]

Al Maryah Island covers approximately 114 hectares and is currently being developed by Mubadala to be a new city center. It is one of the largest construction sites in Abu Dhabi.[2] [3] The island is being developed in several phases which will include construction of offices, residential buildings, hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and leisure infrastructure.

Construction was started in 2007 and the final phase of the development is planned to be finished in 2017. The center of the island will be the newly constructed Sowwah Square which will accommodate the new stock exchange of Abu Dhabi as well as several other business towers.

The following buildings are planned to be built on Al Maryah Island:


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