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Alan E. Bell has worked for many years for notable companies such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios and IBM.

His most recent position was as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Paramount Pictures.[1]

Prior to joining Paramount Pictures, Bell was Executive Vice President of Technology at Warner Bros., Technical Operations.[2]

Alan Bell is most recognized for his role in the unification of the DVD format,[3] in addition to his job in leading the negotiations that led to the development of DVD copy protection, without which the major studios would not have released content to DVD.

Bell has worked as a researcher for many years, amongst others for IBM Almaden Research Center and RCA David Sarnoff Research Center, he has 25 issued US patents and has written over 30 scientific papers.

Bell co-founded WR Entertainment in September 2009 with six other founders James F. Cardwell, Ryan Wiik, Duane M. Eberlein, Øyvind Holm-Johnsen, Steinar Larsen and Michael Joseph Smith.[4]

Alan is an elected fellow of both the IEEE and the Optical Society of America for his contributions to the DVD format.

He received his doctoral and bachelor's degrees in physics from Imperial College, London.


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