Albert du Roy de Blicquy

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Lieutenant General Baron Albert Aquila Alexis Maria du Roy de Blicquy (June 12, 1869 - September 9, 1940) was a Belgian General.


He was born in the Noble house of du Roy, from French aristocracy, he is the son of Fernand du Roy de Blicquy (1836-1913) and Leontine d'Hanins de Moerkerke (1843-1918), he married the Vicomtesse de Beughem.


He made a career at the Belgian royal Court and was Aide-de-camp to the Count of Flanders between 1898-1900. Later he became chief of the Military household of the King; as Ordenance Officer to King Albert he was always around the king. A portrait of him was painted by Herbert Arnould Olivier in February 1915.[1]

Honours and awards[edit]