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Alburni e Valle del Tanagro visti da Caggiano 05.JPG
The Alburni seen from Caggiano.
The highest peak is the mount Panormo
Highest point
Elevation 1,742 m (5,715 ft) [1]
Coordinates 40°33′N 15°19′E / 40.550°N 15.317°E / 40.550; 15.317Coordinates: 40°33′N 15°19′E / 40.550°N 15.317°E / 40.550; 15.317
Alburni is located in Italy
Location Province of Salerno (Campania, Italy)
Parent range Lucan Subappennines
The Alburni seen from the Sicignano valley
View of the Alburni in Castelcivita

The Alburni are an Italian mountain range of the Province of Salerno, Campania, part of the Apennines. Due to their geomorphology, they are popularly known as the "Dolomites of Campania" or of Southern Italy.[2] The highest mountain is the Panormo (1,742 amsl). Its second name, Alburno, gives the name to the whole range.


Part of the Lucan Apennines and included in Cilento National Park,[3] the Alburni are located in the eastern area of Cilento, near the borders between Campania and Basilicata. In north-east the range degrades into the plain of Vallo di Diano. Some of the rivers flowing below the mountains are the Calore Lucano, Tanagro, Fasanella and Ripiti.

The karstic nature of the mountains favoured the formation of several caves, more than 400. The most famous are the show caves of Castelcivita and Pertosa.[4]

On the road pass between Sant'Angelo a Fasanella and Petina there are located the Antece,[5] an ancient rock sculpture (5th/6th century BC), and the observatory of Casone d'Aresta.[6]

List of mountains[edit]

Mountain Elevation (amsl) Municipalities
Panormo (Alburno) 1,742 Sicignano degli Alburni, Ottati, Petina
Monte della Nuda 1,704 Castelcivita, Postiglione, Sicignano degli Alburni
Spina dell'Ausino 1,426 Corleto Monforte, San Rufo, San Pietro al Tanagro
Monte Pizzuto 1,403 Postiglione, Castelcivita, Controne
Caramito 1,364 Ottati, Petina, Sant'Angelo a Fasanella
Il Figliolo 1,364 Petina, Sant'Angelo a Fasanella, Ottati
La Marta 1,303 Polla, Auletta, Pertosa
Serra Nicola 1,301 Corleto Monforte, Sant'Arsenio, Polla, Auletta, Petina
Serra Nuda 1,283 San Rufo, Corleto Monforte
Costa Palomba 1,125 Corleto Monforte, Sant'Angelo a Fasanella
Monte Forloso 1,102 Petina, Sicignano degli Alburni
Tempa del Prato 1,048 Ottati, Sant'Angelo a Fasanella
Costa la Croce 951 Ottati, Aquara

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