Alex Giualini Plaza

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Alex Giuliani Plaza
General information
Status abandoned
Type City Hall (1930-1969)
Location Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541
Coordinates 37°40′15″N 122°04′55″W / 37.6708°N 122.082°W / 37.6708; -122.082Coordinates: 37°40′15″N 122°04′55″W / 37.6708°N 122.082°W / 37.6708; -122.082
Construction started late 1920s
Completed 1930
Opening 1930
Owner City of Hayward
Technical details
Floor count 3

Alex Giuliani Plaza is a park surrounding a vacant building in downtown Hayward, California. The building was Hayward's first city hall. It is located on Mission Boulevard and D Street.[1]

Motifs on the old City Hall building


Hayward City Hall opened in 1930. A circle-in-square design element on the building's facade was used to create the current city logo. It served as Hayward City Hall between 1930-1969. When the City Center Building opened in October 1969 the city government moved there. The current Hayward City Hall is located at 777 B Street, three blocks away from Giualini Plaza.

Stone showing construction date

A trace from the Hayward Fault runs directly under the old City Hall building. The building was abandoned due to structural damage caused by aseismic creep.

The Hayward 9/11 Memorial, located adjacent to the city hall building, a small memorial featuring 5 black granite columns, was dedicated May 30, 2016, to the first responders who died, and to the city's own fallen first responders, and the city's fallen soldiers[2]

Interior stairway (building closed to the public)


In 1999 the City of Hayward renamed the building and surrounding park Alex Giualini Plaza after the former mayor.[3]

Commemorative plaque outside City Hall building, showing location of the former Rancho San Lorenzo