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Alex Moscovitch (English: Alex Moskovitch, French: Alex Moscovitch, Ukrainian: Oleksiy Oleksandrovych Moscovitch, Russian: Aleksey Aleksandrovich Moscovitch) (1911, Kyiv (Kiev) – 1996, Paris) was a French politician and analyst. He was also an associate and companion of General Charles de Gaulle.

After the Russian Civil War the Moscovitch family emigrated to France. In 1931, Moscovitch's parents returned to Kiev, where his father was executed in 1935. Moscovitch was then serving in the French Armed Forces, so he stayed in France.


Alex Moscovitch joins the Free French Forces as of 3 July 1940, then participates on campaigns of Africa, France and Germany.[1]

City Councillor of Paris[edit]

From 1947 to 1966, Alex Moscovitch was a city councilor of Paris.[2]

The Algerian War[edit]

During the debate in the municipal council of Paris, on the Paris massacre of 1961 (17 October 1961), Alex Moscovitch makes a remark that will be reproached to him. Anne Chemin in Le Monde, of 17 October 2011, writes:[3] "Le 27 octobre 1961, Claude Bourdet, directeur du magazine France Observateur demande -en vain - une commission d'enquête du conseil municipal de Paris. "Ce qu'il nous faut, c'est très simple et très clair: l'autorisation et suffisamment de bateaux (pour y mettre les Algériens), répond le conseiller Alex Moscovitch. Le problème qui consisterait à faire couler ces bateaux ne relève pas, hélas, du conseil municipal de Paris." ("The weaker, they finished them until death" .The circumstances of the death of a hundred Algerian demonstrators killed by the police on October 17, 1961, in Paris, have long been overshadowed: "On October 27, 1961, Claude Bourdet, director of the magazine France Observateur, asked in vain for a commission of inquiry from the Paris municipal council. What we need is very simple and clear: the authorization and enough boats (to put the Algerians there), "replied Councilor Alex Moscovitch. The problem of sinking these boats is not, alas, the responsibility of the municipal council of Paris.")

Important dates in life and work[edit]


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