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Bishop Alfred Garpee Reeves (died 8 May 2009) was a Liberian politician and clergyman. Reeves was a bishop in the Church of God in Christ[1] and a member of the National Reformation Party (NRP), he was also co-chair of Lifewater Liberia, a branch of a Canada-based non-government organization.[2]

In January 1986 he took part in a delegation to the United States, apparently with the intention of improving the image of Liberia's government, which was then led by Samuel Doe.[3]

Running as the NRP presidential candidate in the 11 October 2005 elections, Reeves finished last out of 22 candidates, receiving 0.3% of the vote.[4]

Reeves died on 8 May 2009 at Duside Hospital in Firestone District, Margibi County.[5]


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