All Due Respect (The Wire)

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"All Due Respect"
The Wire episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 2
Directed by Steve Shill
Story by David Simon
Richard Price
Teleplay by Richard Price
Original air date September 26, 2004 (2004-09-26)
Running time 58 minutes
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Time After Time"
Next →
"Dead Soldiers"
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"All Due Respect" is the second episode of the third season of the HBO original series, The Wire. The episode was written by Richard Price from a story by David Simon & Richard Price and was directed by Steve Shill. It originally aired on September 26, 2004.


McNulty visits medical examiner Randall Frazier, skeptical that D'Angelo Barksdale's death in prison was a suicide. Frazier reports that D'Angelo's death could have been a homicide, citing bruises on his neck and back. McNulty visits D'Angelo's ex-girlfriend Donette, who doesn't tell him anything. Meanwhile, Cheese executes his dog when it loses in a dogfight. Soon afterwards, Tri, a drug dealer attending the dogfight, approaches and kills another dealer named Jelly. The MCU hears chatter about the murder over the wire, assuming a gang war has erupted. Freamon sends Greggs home while he goes to Homicide to find out what he can. Greggs spends an uncomfortable evening with Cheryl and their new baby.

Daniels and the Major Case Unit want to make arrests for the murders, but McNulty argues that they should gather more evidence in the hope of ultimately bringing down Bell. The unit arrests Cheese's crew as they prepare to retaliate for Jelly's murder. Under questioning, Cheese admits to killing his dog — not a person as the detectives assumed — meaning he can't be charged. At the bar, Pearlman rejects McNulty's advances and instead spends the night with Daniels. Greggs, conflicted about her family life, flirts with another woman. The following day, the MCU finds that their wiretaps have gone dead. While patrolling the Western, Herc and Carver pick up Poot. Meanwhile, Colvin is nonplussed by his beat officers working to reclassify reported crimes to reduce the felony rate.

Herc, Carver and Kenneth Dozerman go to the movies with their girlfriends, where they are mortified to bump into Poot, Bodie, and Puddin with their dates. Later, Dozerman is non-fatally shot while undercover, and his gun is stolen. Over coffee with his friend The Deacon, Colvin reveals that he has reached the point where the absence of a negative makes a good night's work for him, and feels he has to change that before he retires. The next day, Colvin tells his men that he is suspending all undercover narcotics work, likening the War on Drugs to Prohibition. Back out on the street, Herc cannot understand Colvin's reasoning. Omar and his crew stick up Shamrock and Country while they collect money for a drug resupply.

Bell visits Avon in prison and reveals his plan to supply other dealers. Avon asks Bell to target specific high turnover areas, but Bell expresses reluctance to use violence to maintain their street cred. Country, Shamrock and Bodie are sent to talk to mid-level dealers to try to displace their suppliers. Bodie is tasked with approaching Marlo, but is unable to find him; Marlo instructs his corner boss Fruit to ignore Bodie and go back to work. At the funeral home, Bell sends Bodie out to look for Marlo again and learns of Omar's robbery. Marlo meets with Vinson, who advises him to prepare for war if he doesn't compromise with the Barksdales. The next day, when Bodie approaches him on the corner, Marlo politely asks Bodie to leave while brandishing a golf club. Elsewhere, Carcetti convinces Commander Stan Valchek to arrange a meeting with Burrell over the crime rate. Over dinner, Burrell reveals that Mayor Royce has failed to give him promised money for training new officers.[1][2]


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