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All Videos Ever Made & More! - The Complete Collection 1987-2001
Roxette All Videos Ever Made & More.jpg
Video by Roxette
  • 19 November 2001 (2001-11-19)
Recorded1987 – 2001
GenrePop rock
  • Roxette Recordings
  • EMI
Roxette chronology
Crash! Boom! Live!
All Videos Ever Made & More! - The Complete Collection 1987-2001
Ballad & Pop Hits – The Complete Video Collection

All Videos Ever Made & More - The Complete Collection 1987-2001 is the third music video compilation by Swedish pop music duo Roxette, released on 19 November 2001 on DVD by Roxette Recordings and EMI. The video is over 4 hours in length, and features every music video the duo created between 1987 and 2001, as well as numerous rare and unreleased performance videos and two feature-length documentaries created by Sveriges Television: the 1990 documentary "The Making of Joyride", and the 1996 road movie documenting the band on their "Crash! Boom! Bang! Tour".[1]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Per Gessle, except "Listen to Your Heart", "Spending My Time", "(Do You Get) Excited?", "Queen of Rain" and "She Doesn't Live Here Anymore" by Gessle and Mats Persson; "You Don't Understand Me" by Gessle and Desmond Child; "Un día sin ti" by Gessle, Persson and Luis Gómez Escolar. All songs produced by Clarence Öfwerman, except "She Doesn't Live Here Anymore" by Gessle and Michael Ilbert; "Wish I Could Fly", "Anyone", "Stars", "Salvation" and "The Centre of the Heart" by Marie Fredriksson, Gessle, Ilbert and Öfwerman; "Real Sugar" and "Milk and Toast and Honey" by Fredriksson, Gessle and Öfwerman.

All Videos Ever Made & More - The Complete Collection 1987-2001
1."Neverending Love"Rikard Petrelius3:33
2."Soul Deep"Rikard Petrelius3:52
3."I Call Your Name"Jeroen Kamphoff3:20
4."Chances"Jeroen Kamphoff4:05
5."The Look"Peter Heath3:55
6."Dressed for Success"Peter Heath4:09
7."Listen to Your Heart"Doug Freel5:04
8."Dangerous"Doug Freel3:54
9."It Must Have Been Love"Doug Freel4:18
10."Joyride"Doug Freel4:38
11."Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)"Doug Freel3:56
12."The Big L."Anders Skog4:29
13."Spending My Time"Wayne Isham4:45
14."Church of Your Heart"Wayne Isham3:25
15."(Do You Get) Excited?"Wayne Isham4:18
16."How Do You Do!"Anders Skog3:14
17."Queen of Rain"Matt Murray5:00
18."Fingertips '93"Jonas Åkerlund3:45
19."Almost Unreal"Michael Geoghegan4:18
20."Sleeping in My Car"Michael Geoghegan3:45
21."Crash! Boom! Bang!"Michael Geoghegan4:53
22."Fireworks"Michael Geoghegan3:38
23."Run to You"Jonas Åkerlund3:40
24."Vulnerable"Jonas Åkerlund4:28
25."You Don't Understand Me"Greg Masuak4:30
26."June Afternoon"Jonas Åkerlund4:15
27."She Doesn't Live Here Anymore"Jonas Åkerlund4:04
28."Un día sin ti"Jonas Åkerlund4:39
29."Wish I Could Fly"Jonas Åkerlund4:40
30."Anyone"Jonas Åkerlund4:54
31."Stars"Anton Corbijn3:58
32."Salvation"Anton Corbijn4:15
33."The Centre of the Heart"Jonas Åkerlund3:27
34."Real Sugar"Jesper Hiro3:54
35."Milk and Toast and Honey"Jesper Hiro4:12
Total length:2:27:08
36."Neverending Love" (Original Version)Lars Lööv3:23
37."It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted)"Unknown director; 1987 performance on STV's Listan chart show4:47
38."I Call Your Name"Unknown director; 1988 performance on STV's Listan chart show3:38
39."The Look" (Original Version)Mats Jonstam4:01
40."Silver Blue" (Previously Unreleased)Doug Freel4:06
Total length:2:47:03
41."The Making of Joyride"Mats Jonstam49:55
42."Really Roxette"Peter O Ekberg52:12
Total length:4:29:10


Chart (2001)
  • Peak
  • position
Swedish Videos (Sverigetopplistan)[2] 1


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