Almafuerte (band)

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Almafuerte Willie Dixon.png
Almafuerte live in 2012
Background information
Origin Buenos Aires
Genres Heavy metal
Speed metal
Years active 1995–2016
Members Ricardo Iorio
Claudio Marciello
Adrían "Bin" Valencia
Alberto "Beto" Ceriotti

Almafuerte is a Heavy metal band from Argentina, formed by bassist and lead singer Ricardo Iorio in 1995 after the dissolution of Hermética.


In 1994, Hermética, a heavy metal band from Argentina, broke up. Bassist Ricardo Iorio formed, one year later, Almafuerte, with guitarist Claudio "El Tano" Marcielo and drummer Claudio Cardacci.

In 1995 they released their first studio album, Mundo Guanaco, which included songs of both Hermética and of V8 (another of Ricardo Iorio's previous bands), and some new ones written by Iorio (most of them dealing with social issues). After the release of their second album, Del Entorno, Cardacci was replaced by Rodolfo Márquez. One year later, Márquez was replaced by Walter Martínez, after a demonstration with his band Vorax. With Martínez they released their first live album En Vida.

In 1998 they released a self-titled album Almafuerte and Profeta en su Tierra, and in 1999 their fifth studio album, A Fondo Blanco.

In 2001, drummer Martínez was replaced by Bin Valencia. In April they released another album, Piedra Libre, with 10 new songs. During the 2001 tour, Iorio's wife, Ana Mourin, committed suicide.

In September of that year, Claudio Marcielo released a solo album titled Puesto En Marcha. Later in December they released their second live album En Vivo, Obras 2001.

In 2003 they released their studio album, Ultimando, followed by Toro y Pampa in 2006.

Later, in 2012, they released their album called "Trillando la Fina".

In october 2017, in a conversation with Facundo Covarrubias, on 96.3 FM radio, Ricardo Iorio confirmed the dissolution of Almafuerte and his intentions of continuing with his solo career.


Current formation[edit]

  • Ricardo Iorio - Vocals (1995–2016) Bass (1995 - 2002)
  • Claudio Marcielo - Guitar (1995–2016)
  • Adrián "Bin" Valencia - Drums (2000–2016)
  • Alberto "Beto" Ceriotti - Bass (2002–2016)

Former Members[edit]

  • Claudio Cardacci - Drums (1995–1996)
  • Rodolfo Marquez (Live concerts only) - Drums (1996–1997)
  • Walter Martínez - Drums (1997–2000)


Studio albums[edit]

Live & Compilations albums[edit]


  • Peso argento (1997) Ricardo Iorio and Flavio Cianciarulo, with the participation of Claudio Marciello and Rodolfo Marquez.

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