Alpe di Succiso

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Alpe di Succiso
Northern side of the Alpe di Succiso seen from the Valdenza.
Highest point
Elevation2,017 m (6,617 ft)
Prominence770 m (2,530 ft)
Coordinates44°19′58″N 10°11′44″E / 44.33278°N 10.19556°E / 44.33278; 10.19556Coordinates: 44°19′58″N 10°11′44″E / 44.33278°N 10.19556°E / 44.33278; 10.19556
Alpe di Succiso is located in Italy
Alpe di Succiso
Alpe di Succiso
Location in Italy
LocationProvince of Reggio Emilia, Italy
Parent rangeTuscan-Emilian Apennines

The Alpe di Succiso is a mountain in the northern Apennines, located in the trait between the Cerreto and Lagastrello Passes, with an altitude of 2,017 m. It has a pyramidal appearance, carved by several gorges.

The rivers Secchia and Enza, right affluences of the Po River, have their source in the Alpe di Succiso; the mountain is part of the National Park of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano.