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Alta Rockefeller Prentice

Alta Rockefeller Prentice was an American philanthropist and socialite. Alta was born on April 12, 1871 in Cleveland in Ohio, she was the third daughter of Laura Celestia "Cettie" Rockefeller. Among her siblings was Bessie Rockefeller, who married psychologist Charles Augustus Strong, her father was a founder of the Standard Oil Company and in life, became a prominent philanthropist. In 1917, her father gifted 12,000 shares of Standard Oil of Indiana, worth $9,000,000, to a trust fund with Alta receiving the income except for $30,000 directed to her husband. By 1930, the original 12,000 shares had turned into 356,000 shares through stock splits and dividends paid with stocks. On January 17, 1901, Alta was married to Colonel Ezra Parmalee Prentice by the Rev. Dr. William Faunce, the President of Brown University and former pastor of the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church; the wedding, which took place on the wide landing of the staircase in the main hall of her parents brownstone in Manhattan located at 4 West 54th Street, had been planned as an elaborate church wedding but was subsisted for the quiet affair at the Rockefeller home due to the recent death of Alta's young nephew, John Rockefeller McCormick, from scarlet fever.

Prentice, an attorney, was the son of Sartell Prentice and Mary Adeline Prentice and his maternal grandfather was Pierpoint Isham, a justice of the Vermont Supreme Court and a direct descendant of Rev. James Pierpont, the founder of Yale University, his uncle, Edward Swift Isham, was the law partner of Robert Todd Lincoln. Together and Ezra lived at 5 West 53rd Street in Manhattan and were the parents of three children: John Rockefeller Prentice, a Yale and Yale Law School graduate who became a cattle breeder. Mary Adeline Prentice, a 1934 Vassar College graduate who married Benjamin Davis Gilbert. Spelman Prentice, founder of the Prenalta Corporation which ran oil and gas operations, she founded Alta House, a settlement house in Little Italy in Cleveland, named in her honor. In 1910, Alta and Ezra bought 1,400 acres of land near Massachusetts. Elm Tree House, the Prentices' 72-room summer home on Mount Hope Farm, was completed in 1928 at a cost of $400,000, their estate became "the most valuable estate in the Berkshire Hills."

In the 1930s and 1940s, several geneticists were employed by Ezra to develop more profitable farm animals cattle and poultry. At that time, Mount Hope Farm was one of the most outstanding experimental farms in the United States. Alta died at Midtown Hospital in New York City in June 1962 at the age of 91, the last surviving child of John D. Rockefeller, she left her New York City brownstone to her neighbor, the Museum of Modern Art, who tore it down and built a new wing of the museum. Her Berkshires property was willed to New York's Lenox Hill Hospital. Shortly thereafter, Elm Tree House was purchased by Williams College. Alta Rockefeller Prentice at Find a Grave The Elm Tree House at Mount Hope Farm Her mother's biography at the Rockefeller Archives

2007 Malaysia Super Series

The 2007 Malaysia Super Series is the inaugural tournament of the 2007 BWF Super Series in badminton. It was held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, from 16 to 21 January 2007. Lin Dan Lee Chong Wei Peter Gade Chen Hong Chen Jin Bao Chunlai Kenneth Jonassen Chen Yu Zhang Ning Xie Xingfang Xu Huaiwen Wang Chen Lu Lan Zhu Lin Pi Hongyan Yao Jie Fu Haifeng / Cai Yun Jens Eriksen / Martin Lundgaard Hansen Jung Jae-sung / Lee Yong-dae Choong Tan Fook / Lee Wan Wah Candra Wijaya / Tony Gunawan Markis Kido / Hendra Setiawan Anthony Clark / Robert Blair Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari / Lin Woon Fui Gao Ling / Huang Sui Yang Wei / Zhang Jiewen Zhang Yawen / Wei Yili Wong Pei Tty / Chin Eei Hui Du Jing / Zhao Tingting Gail Emms / Donna Kellogg Endang Nursugianti / Rani Mundiasti Jiang Yanmei / Li Yujia Nova Widianto / Lilyana Natsir Sudket Prapakamol / Saralee Thungthongkam Xie Zhongbo / Zhang Yawen Anthony Clark / Donna Kellogg Thomas Laybourn / Kamilla Rytter Juhl Nathan Robertson / Gail Emms Zheng Bo / Gao Ling Zhang Jun / Zhao Tingting Official website 2007 Malaysia Super Series

List of lakes in Pope County, Arkansas

There are at least 21 named lakes and reservoirs in Pope County, Arkansas. Flagg Lake, 35°12′01″N 093°05′28″W, el. 305 feet Holla Bend, 35°10′58″N 093°04′57″W, el. 289 feet Lodge Lake, 35°08′33″N 093°05′06″W, el. 299 feet Long Lake, 35°08′29″N 093°05′12″W, el. 299 feet Galla Creek Lake, 35°16′12″N 093°02′58″W, el. 427 feet Galla Creek Wildlife Lake, 35°10′42″N 093°01′14″W, el. 305 feet Galla Watershed Site One Reservoir, 35°15′48″N 093°03′07″W, el. 518 feet Jones Lake, 35°14′18″N 093°02′07″W, el. 371 feet Lake Atkins, 35°12′32″N 092°57′34″W, el. 318 feet Lake Irvin, 35°13′04″N 093°07′14″W, el. 325 feet Lake Russellville, 35°20′18″N 093°08′49″W, el. 420 feet Lake Vinson, 35°22′21″N 093°16′39″W, el. 581 feet Lake Yarbrough, 35°17′10″N 093°01′55″W, el. 804 feet West Fork Point Remove Creek Site 10 Reservoir, 35°24′20″N 092°56′35″W, el. 522 feet West Fork Point Remove Creek Site 11 Reservoir, 35°22′30″N 092°52′01″W, el. 476 feet West Fork Point Remove Creek Site 17 Reservoir, 35°19′26″N 092°53′35″W, el. 322 feet West Fork Point Remove Creek Site 18 Reservoir, 35°21′06″N 092°52′43″W, el. 361 feet West Fork Point Remove Creek Site 19 Reservoir, 35°22′23″N 092°58′07″W, el. 591 feet West Fork Point Remove Creek Site Eight Reservoir, 35°26′27″N 092°51′31″W, el. 587 feet West Fork Point Remove Creek Site Nine Reservoir, 35°26′19″N 092°54′50″W, el. 522 feet Winthrop Rockefeller Lake, 35°09′29″N 093°03′17″W, el. 285 feet List of lakes in Arkansas

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a private tuition and enrichment centre based in Singapore. It offers programmes in English and Science at the preschool, primary and pre-tertiary levels; the Learning Lab offers classes for GEP students and offers secondary school classes for both the ‘O’ Level track and Integrated Programme. The Learning Lab runs academic enrichment and tuition programmes for pre-primary, primary and pre-tertiary students; the Learning Lab offers preparatory classes for the Gifted Education Programme screening test and selection test. The Gifted Education Programme caters to the top 1% of each academic year and introduces added curriculum topics and components for high-achieving students within Singapore's education system. Preparatory classes for the Direct School Admission programme are part of The Learning Lab lessons for Upper Primary students. Along with the PSLE, the DSA programme offers students entry into top Integrated Programme schools; the Learning Lab has eight centres including United Square.

In the East, The Learning Lab has centres at Marine Parade Central, Century Square and Tampines Mall. In West Singapore, The Learning Lab centres can be found at Rochester Mall, Choa Chu Kang Centre and Jem. In the Northeast, parents can find TLL at Seletar Mall; the Learning Lab takes in a myriad of students from all around Singapore. The Learning Lab strives in helping to get their students in the Gifted Education Programme and the admission to the Integrated Programmes at Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls' School, Hwa Chong Institution, Nanyang Girls' High School, NUS High, Anglo-Chinese School, Methodist Girls' School, Temasek Junior College, National Junior College, Catholic High School, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School, Singapore Chinese Girls' School, Dunman High School, River Valley High School, Victoria School, Cedar Girls' Secondary School, SOTA; the centre's students have gained admission into the best universities globally. In the US, such universities include the likes of Princeton and Yale.

In the UK, such universities include University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the London School of Economics and Political Science. In Singapore, the centre's students have been selected for entry into the elite University Scholars Programmes at the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University. Many have been admitted into the much sought-after medical and law schools. In the 2017 PSLE, 52% of The Learning Lab students attained a T-score of 250 and above. 9 out of every 10 of their students scored an A or A* in their English, Chinese and Science exams. From 2012, the Ministry of Education declined to name the top PSLE students and correspondingly, The Learning Lab has not released specific data, although it did share that it had produced the top students in 2012 as well as in 2013. Curriculum at The Learning Lab is designed by a team of 50 in-house curriculum specialists. In addition to being hired based on academic merit in their field of content expertise, curriculum specialists are assessed in terms of their ability to think and write critically.

The curriculum management units are organised along age-group lines. These curriculum management units generate its proprietary teaching materials and case studies in the English, Math and Chinese subjects. Lesson materials include articles from international publications such as The New York Times', The Atlantic, TIME Magazine as well as academic journals and publications; the Learning Lab Early Years Programme enrichment classes in English and Mathematics Nursery 2 and Kindergarten 1-2 age groups. The Learning Lab Early Years develops its own curriculum materials; the company has organised... Special enrichment programmes including: Junior Space Camp with ex-NASA engineers Motivational seminars with co-leaders of the Singapore Women's Everest teamSpecial holiday programmes including: Dream Academy, helmed by Singapore actress Selena Tan Coding camps in collaboration with First Code Academy Making Sense of Money: Introduction Workshops to Financial LiteracyIn addition, the company has sent student contingents to several high-profile conferences including Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC and NYC National Youth Leadership Forum on Business and Innovation at Stanford Global Young Innovators Initiative at Harvard Law School Gifted Education Programme Integrated Programme Education in Singapore

Rob Schultheis

Rob Schultheis is an author and journalist who lives in Telluride, Colorado. He has written books about the wars in Afghanistan and the 2003 Iraq War, as well as books about Colorado, the Western United States, extreme sports such as mountain climbing, he has written articles for magazines such as Time, newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. In 1982, his book The Hidden West: Journey in the American Outback was published, it was described by a New York Times review as "A celebration of that vast expanse of remaining American frontier."In 1992, Schultheis' book Night Letters: Inside Wartime Afghanistan, was published, on the topic of the Soviet–Afghan War, which he covered in person as a journalist. A Library Journal review states "His descriptions of the many individuals and their savage landscape are unforgettable, his tales of the desperate yet eager combat by a remarkably resilient people give some of the most vivid images of that war available to us in the West."

A review in Publisher's Weekly states, "In this chronicle of high adventure Schultheis succeeds in conveying his exhilaration to the reader."Waging Peace: A Special Operations Team's Battle to Rebuild Iraq, was written after Schultheis spent six months in 2004 as an embedded journalist with a US Army Civil Affairs team, tasked with working on rebuilding operations in a Shi'ite neighborhood in Baghdad, during the Iraq War. One review calls the book "amusing as well as surprising", goes on to say, "there's valuable information here about the unsung heroes who do the dirty work required to help push Iraqis toward a better life and democracy."In Hunting Bin Laden: How al-Qaeda Is Winning the War on Terror, Schultheis questions the military tactics in the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. One review calls it "one of the rawest accounts of Afghanistan's suffering to emerge from a growing library documenting the country's misery." Rob Schultheis. The Hidden West: Journey in the American Outback.

Random House. ISBN 0-394-50612-X. Rob Schultheis. Bone Games. Random House. ISBN 0-394-53967-2. Rob Schultheis. "Upwardly Mobile". The New York Times. Rob Schultheis. Night Letters: Inside Wartime Afghanistan. Crown. ISBN 0-517-58861-7. Rob Schultheis. Fool's Gold; the Lyon's Press. ISBN 1-58574-136-1. Rob Schultheis. Waging Peace: A Special Operations Team's Battle to Rebuild Iraq. Gotham. ISBN 1-59240-127-9. Rob Schultheis. Hunting bin Laden: How al-Qaeda Is Winning the War on Terror. Skyhorse Publishing. ISBN 978-1-60239-244-1. "Rob Schultheis". Penguin Group USA web site. Retrieved 2006-05-29

Grenadine Records

Grenadine Records is an independent record label based in Montreal, Canada. The music label was founded in 1997 by Eric Y. Lapointe and Alex Megelas who met at Bishop's University's radio station CJMQ-FM; the label named Bittersweet Records, released two 7" vinyl recordings and quickly changed its name in 1999 when a New York City-based label of the same name was discovered. The label was announced as Grenadine Records as of March 1999 along with its first CD release Syrup & Gasoline Vol.1, a compilation of bands from across Canada. The label's tagline of "Timeless Pop Attitude" reflected the label's interest in a variety of pop music with sometimes earlier influences. Grenadine Records has released albums in both English and French by bands including the Dears, Shane Watt, the Frenetics, Tricky Woo, Shy Child, Alexis O'Hara, the American Devices, Melon Galia, music for mapmakers, LowBrow, Starvin Hungry, Eux Autres and Les Sequelles. List of record labels Grenadine Records