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Amanullah Khan
Birth name Amanullah Khan
Born 1950 (age 67–68)
Lahore, Pakistan
Medium Stand up comedian, film, television, stage actor
Nationality Pakistani
Employer Neo News (2017- present)
Dunya News (2013–2017)
Geo News (2010–2013)

Amanullah Khan is a Pakistani stand up comedian and actor regarded as one of the best comedians in Pakistan. He has influenced many artists as well as people. Khan has a world record of 860-day night theater plays.[1] According to famous Pakistani comedian Sohail Ahmed, Amanullah Khan is regarded as one of the top comedians in Pakistan.[2][3] He currently appears in Mazaaq Raat on Dunya TV.[4][1]

TV Shows[edit]

In 2010, Amanullah joined GEO News for its then new program Khabarnaak.[5] He portrayed a simple, blind village man named Hakeem Sahab. The rest of the characters were bent on disparaging Hakeem Sahab. Khan left this TV show in August 2013.

He also played the role of Chacha Bashir in Mazaaq Raat.[1] Some fellow comedians have reportedly said Amanullah is our teacher, and we learn comedy from him and from his comedy shows. He has a great sense of humor. His comedy acts are based on regular habits and daily lives of common people. Another famous Pakistani comedian Shakeel Siddiqui also reportedly showed a lot of respect for his work. Amanullah Khan is also known to occasionally deliver unplanned impromptu dialogue. He has also toured India and many famous Indian comedians including Kapil Sharma and Chandan Prabhakar regard him as their teacher and inspiration. Amanullah Khan is also known as "The King of Comedy" in Pakistan.[1]



Amanullah Khan has appeared in many stage dramas. Some of them are listed below:

  • Begum Dish Antenna[1]
  • Disco Deewanay
  • Khirki ke peechay
  • Muhabbat CNG
  • UPS
  • Shartiya Mithay[1]
  • Sohni chan wargi
  • Bara maza aye ga[1]
  • Ketchup

Recent health updates[edit]

Amanullah Khan was hospitalized in January 2018. He was treated in the intensive care unit of a local hospital in Lahore and released. He was reportedly suffering from a common cold and then developed some complications.[1]


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