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Amycus punished, red-figured Lucanian hydria, end of 4th century BC, Cabinet des Médailles

In Greek mythology, Amykos (Ancient Greek: Ἄμυκος), Latinized as Amycus, was the king of the Bebryces, a mythical people in Bithynia.


Amycus was the son of Poseidon and the Bithynian nymph Melia.[1]


Amycus was a boxer but being a doughty man he compelled strangers to box as a way of killing them; when the Argonauts passed through Bithynia, Amycus challenged the best man of the crew to a boxing match. Polydeuces undertook to box against him and killed him with a blow on the elbow.[2][3][4]

When the Bebryces rush to avenge him, the chiefs snatched up their arms and put them to flight with great slaughter.


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