Ancestry of George Washington

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George Washington
COA George Washington.svg
Coat of arms of the Washington family[1]
Country American
Ethnicity English
Current region Virginia, United States
Place of origin  England
Members John Washington, Augustine and Mary
Religion Church of England / Episcopal

The Washington immigrant ancestor and great-grandfather of President George Washington was John Washington, who was born in Tring, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom, in 1631 and arrived in the Colony of Virginia in 1657 after being shipwrecked.[2]

George Washington's immediate ancestry entirely traces back to England, other than a great-great-great-grandfather, Nicolas Martiau, a Huguenot from Île de Ré, France and naturalized Englishman, who arrived at Virginia aboard the Francis Bonaventure in 1620.[3]


This table sets out the ancestry of President George Washington for five generations, numbered according to the Ahnentafel genealogical numbering system.

1. George Washington


2. Augustine Washington [2]
3. Mary Ball [2]


4. Lawrence Washington
5. Mildred Warner
6. Joseph Ball [4]
7. Mary Montague


8. John Washington
9. Anne Pope [5]
10. Augustine Warner Jr.
11. Mildred Reade
12. William Ball [2][6]
13. Hannah Atherold
14. Peter Montague
15. Mary Doodes


16. Lawrence Washington [2]
17. Amphyllis Twigden [2]
18. Nathaniel Pope [7]
19. Lucy (Luce) Fox [7]
20. Augustine Warner
21. Mary Towneley [8]
22. George Reade [9]
23. Elizabeth Martian (Martiau) [9]
24. William Ball
25. Dorothy Tuttle
26. Thomas Atherold [10]
27. Mary Harvey [10]
28. Peter Montague
29. Cicely Reynolds
30. Meindert Doodes
31. Mary Grert

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