Andorra women's national 3x3 team

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Joined FIBA 1988
FIBA zone FIBA Europe
National federation FAB
FIBA 3x3 World Championships
Appearances 3
FIBA Europe 3x3 Championships
Appearances 1
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Light jersey
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Team colours
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Dark jersey
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Team colours

The Andorra men's national 3x3 team is the 3x3 basketball team representing Andorra in international competitions, organized and run by the Andorran Basketball Federation.

Senior Competitions[edit]

Performance at World Championships[edit]

Year Pos Pld W L
Greece 2012 Did not enter
Russia 2014 24th 5 0 5
China 2016 16th 4 1 3
France 2017 14th 4 1 3
Philippines 2018 20th 4 0 4

Performance at European Games[edit]

Year Pos Pld W L
Azerbaijan 2015 Did not qualify

Performance at Europe Championships[edit]

Year Final tournament Qualifier
Pos Pld W L Pld W L
Romania 2014 Did not qualify 4 1 3
Romania 2016 4 0 4
Netherlands 2017 4 0 4

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