Andromeda VIII

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Andromeda VIII
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 00h 42m 06.0s[1]
Declination+40° 37′ 00″[1]
Distance (comoving)0.83 Mpc
Distance2.7 Mly
Absolute magnitude (V)-15.6
Apparent size (V)45 × 10 arcmin
Notable featuressatellite galaxy of the Andromeda Galaxy
Other designations
And VIII, PGC 5056928
See also: Galaxy, List of galaxies

Andromeda VIII (And VIII / 8) is a galaxy discovered in August 2003. It is a companion galaxy to the Andromeda Galaxy, M31, and evaded detection for so long due to its diffuse nature; the galaxy was finally discovered by measuring the redshifts of stars in front of Andromeda, which proved to have different velocities than M31 and hence were part of a different galaxy.

As of at least 2006, the actuality of And VIII as a galaxy has not yet been firmly established (Merrett et al. 2006).[2]

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