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Andy's Frozen Custard is a chain of United States frozen custard stores with locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. [1]

The company is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, where the company is run by it’s namesake Andy Kuntz; the company specializes in frozen custard-based desserts. In 2009, readers of 417 Magazine voted Andy's as the best thing about area code 417.[2]


Andy’s was founded by John and Carol Kuntz in 1986 in Osage, Missouri, after the couple first tasted frozen custard in Wisconsin. Desiring to bring frozen custard to Missouri, they dedicated themselves to creating a frozen custard brand of their own, they sought the mentorship of Leon and Doris Schneider, who had owned a Milwaukee frozen custard shop since 1942; Leon provided much of the knowledge and guidance the Kuntzes needed to open their own store. The shop was named after their son Andy.

Soon after, the operation expanded to Springfield, Missouri, where Andy, with his wife Dana, learned the frozen custard business. In 2008, John died,[3] and Andy, Dana, and Carol continue to run the business.


As of December 2016, Andy's has 45+ locations in eight states: Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. More locations are currently planned and coming soon; this includes locations in Arizona, Kansas, and South Carolina.[4] The location in Colorado is one of the newest, with the first Andy's Frozen Custard in the Denver area opening as store #36 on September 14, 2016.[5] Currently, they have franchise development agreements in place for Phoenix, Arizona, as well as parts of North Carolina and Florida.[6]

In 2012, Andy's announced the flavor of the Boomer Bear Concrete, a dessert created to support Missouri State University's athletics program and named after the school's mascot,[7] it is available in Andy's Springfield, Missouri, locations.

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