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Coordinates: 1°22′4.1″N 103°50′34.8″E / 1.367806°N 103.843000°E / 1.367806; 103.843000

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah Ang Mo Kio
6 Ang Mo Kio Street 22
Singapore 569362

MottoAlways strive for the best
School code3026
PrincipalShaw sweet tat
Colour(s) Green   Yellow 

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School (AMKSS) (Chinese: 茂乔中学) is a government co-educational secondary school in Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, covering levels Secondary 1 to Secondary 5. Students at AMKSS are known as AMKsians.


The school was the first school to be built in Ang Mo Kio, it officially started functioning on 2 January 1979 in the premises of Hwi Yoh Secondary School with 12 Secondary One classes. On 12 July 1979 the school occupied its premises at Ang Mo Kio Street 22 and was officially declared open on 20 September 1980 by Mr Yeo Toon Chia, the then Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio Constituency, it was located along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, in a new building that was built at a cost of S$4.29 million, and started upper secondary classes the next year.[1]

In December 1999 it moved to temporary premises at Hougang Street 93 to enable rebuilding on the former site. From January 2002, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School started operating at its newly built premises in Ang Mo Kio Street 22; the new building was declared open on 13 July 2002 by Mr Seng Han Tong, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC.


Name of principal Years served
Mr Tan Joo Kheng 1979-1982
Ms Monica Quek Swee Imm Unknown
Mrs Tan Guat Kim Unknown
Mdm Doreen Yip Unknown
Ms Paramita Bandara Unknown
Ms Tan Siew Piang Unknown
Mr Tan Chee Siong Unknown
Mr Abdul Mannan 2011 - 2015
Mr Tom Chan 2016 - 2017
Mr Shaw Swee Tat 2017–Present

School identity & culture[edit]


Always Strive For The Best


Behavioural standards are maintained through the use of a merit/demerit points system; each student starts with 75 points. Demerit points are awarded for minor misbehaviour, and a girl who reaches 55 points is put in detention for five days; a boy receives corporal punishment from the Discipline Master.

For major offences, including truancy, smoking and vandalism, girls serve several detentions and boys are always caned in front of their classmates for a first offence, and in front of an assembly of the whole school for a second offence; the cane strokes (usually two or three) are delivered to the seat of student's trousers or shorts. Major offenders also receive counselling, are issued six demerit points, and are placed under the Student Reformative Programme for a period of time as stipulated by the Discipline Committee.[2]

There is also a Peer Mediation Programme for the resolution of disputes.[3]


Biannually, the school puts on its NOMAD (Night Of Music And Dance) festival, whose origins lie in the AMKSS Integrated Arts Programme (IAP) for all Secondary 1 and 2 students, it was established in 2003 to encourage an exploration of the arts, and allows students to work with practising artists in music, visual arts, dance and drama.[4]

Academic Information[edit]

Being an integrated secondary school, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School offers three academic streams, namely the four-year Express course, as well as the Normal Course, comprising Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) academic tracks.

O Level Express Course[edit]

The Express Course is a nationwide four-year programme that leads up to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination.[5]

Normal Course[edit]

The Normal Course is a nationwide 4-year programme leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination, which runs either the Normal (Academic) curriculum or Normal (Technical) curriculum, abbreviated as N(A) and N(T) respectively.[6]

Normal (Academic) Course[edit]

In the Normal (Academic) course, students offer 5-8 subjects in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination. Compulsory subjects include:[7]

  • English Language
  • Mother Tongue Language
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Humanities

A 5th year leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination is available to N(A) students who perform well in their Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination. Students can move from one course to another based on their performance and the assessment of the school principal and teachers.[6]

Normal (Technical) Course[edit]

The Normal (Technical) course prepares students for a technical-vocational education at the Institute of Technical Education.[7] Students will offer 5-7 subjects in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examination;[7] the curriculum is tailored towards strengthening students’ proficiency in English and Mathematics.[7] Students take English Language, Mathematics, Basic Mother Tongue and Computer Applications as compulsory subjects.[7]

Co-curricular activities[edit]

The school offers a total of 19 extra-curricular activities, labelled as co-curricular activities (CCAs) by the Ministry of Education; these include sports, uniformed groups, performing arts and clubs. Several have been able to do well in outside competition and bring glory to the school.

The school's English drama club has been able to attain good results in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, attaining Distinction and Accomplishment in the 2017 and 2015 competitions, and Silver in 2011 and 2013,[8] its table tennis team has also done very well, attaining the fourth place in the South School Interschool Table Tennis C Division in 2016 and 2017.[9]

Furthermore, its symphonic band attained Gold and Gold in the 2005 and 2007 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging.[citation needed]

The CCAs offered in the school are as follows:


Uniformed groups[edit]

Performing arts[edit]

  • Choir
  • English Drama
  • Malay Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Symphonic Band

Clubs and societies[edit]

  • Art Club
  • AV Media Club

Notable alumni[edit]

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