Angler's loop

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Angler's loop
NamesAngler's loop, Perfection loop
Typical useFishing, forming a fixed loop in bungee cord
ABoK#1017, #1035, #2067

An angler's loop is a type of knot which forms a fixed loop. Useful for fine or slippery line, it is one of the few loop knots which holds well in bungee cord, it is quite secure but it jams badly and is not suitable if the knot will need to be untied.[according to whom?]


Angler's loop may be tied

  • alone and then used,
    • it may be tied in the bight or at the working end
    • it may be tied one handed
    • it may be fashioned with several loops
    • it may be locked for additional stability
    • it may be tied at high speed in an emergency
  • it may be tied through an object (typically a ring).
Untightened angler's loop
Method of tying the angler's loop through an object

Angler's loop may be tied around the hand, it may also be tied this way one handed, or with several loops if need be:

  • Angler's loop may be locked additionally with half hitches
Locked simple loop A half hitche around the loops root locks it
  • Angler's loop may be fashioned with several loops (then locking may be necessary)
with several loops and locked first the loops in desired size, last loop is for the knot and may be smaller. half hitches around the loops roots locks them.


Overhand knot on standing part and half-hitch by the working end.

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