Angleterre Hotel

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Angleterre Hotel
General information
Location St. Petersburg, Russia
Address Ul. Malaya Morskaya 24
Opening 1889 (originally)
1991 (current)
Owner Rocco Forte Hotels
Management Rocco Forte Hotels
Technical details
Floor count 4
Other information
Number of rooms 192
Number of suites 5
Number of restaurants 2

Angleterre Hotel (Russian: Англетер) is a modern, luxury business-class hotel on Voznesensky Prospekt at Saint Isaac's Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The hotel opened in 1991, replicating a historic hotel originally opened in 1840 and reconstructed in 1889. The hotel has 192 rooms, including five suites.


The first hotel on the site was established by Napoleon Bokin in 1840, a three-story structure known as Napoleon's.[1] Leo Tolstoy was a frequent guest. The hotel was completely rebuilt from 1886–89, with a fourth floor added and the interiors reconstructed. At this time, the name was changed to Hotel Angleterre, meaning 'Hotel England' in French. The hotel had 75 rooms and numerous shops on the ground floor.[2]

The Angleterre and Astoria in 1930

The neighboring Hotel Astoria, opened in 1912, soon proved such a success that the Angleterre was set for demolition for a huge expansion of the Astoria designed by architect Fyodor Lidval, mirroring the existing Astoria building. However the outbreak of World War I prevented this.[2]

The Angleterre's name was changed after the Russian Revolution to Hotel International (1919–25) and then to Hotel Leningradskaya from 1948 to the early 1970s. It is famous in Russia as the place where poet Sergei Yesenin hanged himself on 28 December 1925.[1]

The Angleterre and Astoria in 2008

In 1985 the hotel closed,[2] and in 1987, during Perestroika, the city authorities decided to demolish the aging hotel and replace it with a modern building with a facade copying the original. Members of the public gathered on St. Isaac's Square to protest the plan. It was the first major public protest in the history of the Soviet Union to be left unpunished by the authorities. The hotel was ultimately demolished on 18 March 1987.[3] The current hotel opened in 1991.

The Angleterre seen from St. Isaac's Cathedral

Today, the hotel is owned and managed by the Rocco Forte Hotels, which also owns and manages the adjacent Hotel Astoria. The Angleterre is marketed as the business-class wing of its more luxurious sister. The upper guest room floors of the two hotels are connected.


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